Saturday 6th May - Brisbane German Club (6.30-10.30pm)

Wednesday 14th June - German Club Cairns (6.30-9.30pm)

Saturday 30th September - Oktoberfest in the Gardens, Gold Coast (2.00-5.00pm)

Sunday 1st October - Barons Brewing (West End, Brisbane) (12.00-3.00pm)

Saturday 7th October - Blackbutt Oktoberfest (5.00-9.00pm)

Saturday 14th October - Oktoberfest in the Gardens, Brisbane (1.00-6.00pm)

Saturday 15th October - Crown Hotel, Brisbane (6.00-9.00pm)

Sunday 15th October - Brisbane German Club (10.00am-2.00pm)

Friday 20th October - School Workshop (Cairns SHS)

Saturday 21st October - German Club Cairns (3.00pm to late)